• Marnite® is a 100% natural product with no chemical intervention (milled to size).
  • Marnite® is a proven bioavailable, 100% absorbable ingredient, supported by validated test protocols and test results in compliance with international protocols, guidelines and standards.
  • Marnite®’s main elements consist of, Calcium and Magnesium (slow release) in perfect ratio with each other, with 20 other elements.
  • Marnite® complies with MCC, FDA & BP test protocols, guidelines and standards. All tests were conducted by internationally accredited laboratories.
  • Flow ability – Excellent.
  • Tableting/Compressibility as a Binder and/or Filler – Complies with GMP Standards.
  • Tests that were conducted
    – Specification
    – In Vitro:
    —Elemental Availability
    —Dissolution, Dissolution H20 and ICP Analysis
    – Invivo:
    —Toxicology and Safety

Test specification, protocols followed and testing details available for perusal.